The best casinos in Nevada for playing blackjack — Why are these the best casinos? Because they offer the most favorable blackjack rules for the player, namely … single deck, double down on any two cards, and blackjack pays 3:2 With these rules the house edge is about one-fifth of one percent, or stated another way, your average net loss is one bet per 500 hands played. Well this is pretty much what you call a fair game or an even game, where winning and losing are equally likely. And they have a low minimum bet of $5 or less, so low rollers like you and me can afford to play there.

So where are these casinos? In the town of Wendover, NV, on the Utah border, there’s the Peppermill, Montego Bay, and Rainbow casinos. Also in Wendover, the Red Garter and the Wendover Nugget. In the town of Jackpot on the Idaho border, there’s Barton’s Club 93. And in the Reno Tahoe area, there’s the Boomtown in Verde, which is just across the California border, and the Western Village in Sparks, which is 10 minutes east of Reno. And in Las Vegas there’s the El Cortez downtown, a short walk from the Fremont Street Experience.

If these are fair games, how does the casino make money? From blackjack players who don’t know the basic strategy and guess wildly about whether to hit or stand; from the blackjack side bets such as Royal Match and Lady Luck, which have a higher house edge than the basic blackjack game, and you and your companions may play other games like slot machines craps and roulette, again with a higher house edge; and gamblers who over-bet and lose their whole bankroll. Let’s say you take $50 to the $5 blackjack table. There’s a good chance that a 10-bet losing streak will wipe out your entire bankroll and you have to walk away with a loss. Now I have a special message for card counters: please do not count cards at these casinos!

Why not? Because you’ll kill the goose that lays the golden egg. The easiest way for the casino to deal with card counters is to make it impossible for them to win, for example, making blackjack pay only 6:5.

We don’t want that to happen. Please honor and respect these few casinos that offer a fair game. I know that many card counters will ignore my advice and still play at these casinos so I have some suggestions for you, if that’s the case. Bet conservatively — you will be playing against favorable decks about half the time so you can still win even with just a 4-to-1 bet spread.

Leave within one hour, win or lose; and if backed off are asked to leave, please cooperate! You should thank the casino staff, cash your chips, and leave! You do not want to be remembered, and you don’t want to cause any trouble. A few important notes: you can lose even with a zero house edge, and even with card counting, due to losing streaks. So risk only what you can afford.

And by the time you see this, the good games may be gone; or other good games might exist. If this is the case, please leave a comment below the video so that everyone else can be updated. Once again, these are the best casinos for playing blackjack in Nevada: in Wendover on the Utah border; in the town of Jackpot on the Idaho border; in the Reno-Tahoe area it’s the Boomtown and Western Village casinos; and in Las Vegas it’s the El Cortez downtown. Incidentally, at the El Cortez, in addition to having the best blackjack game in Las Vegas, also has the most generous gambling machine, which is an aging video poker machine which has a total return of 101 percent, but that’s another story …