Poker, it’s a really tough game to play. My name is Dean Hale and today I’d like to give you a few key concepts on how to play poker like a pro. One of the things that is really important to know is knowing your number of outs. Let’s say you’re going, you’re drawing for a flush.

There are 13 cards in the deck, so there are 13 clubs in that deck. If you have two clubs in your hand and there are two clubs on the board, there would be nine remaining clubs that could possibly hit you. After the flop, an easy way to remember that would be nine, your number of outs that you have remaining which the cards that are in the deck that could possibly help you, times four. So if I had two cards, if I was what they call four flushing, if I needed one more card to get a flush, I have nine possible cards that could help me.

Rough math, I have a 36% chance of hitting my flush. Now, what’s interesting about that is knowing your percentage to hit the hand you’re drawing for, is understanding the pot size. If there is 300 dollars in the pot, somebody bets 100 dollars to me, I’m getting 3 to 1 odds on my money right now. I’m getting 36% chance of hitting my flush so that gives me the proper pot odds to call.

So that is an easy call. I would then simply call that 100. Now after the turn, what you’re going to do, the math is going to change a little bit. If I did not hit my flush, there are now still nine cards remaining that could help me, but what you’re going to do instead of multiplying that by four, you’re going to multiply that by two. I now have an 18% chance of hitting my flush. So let’s say going back for simple math purposes, let’s say there’s 300 dollars in the pot.

Somebody bets 100. I’m getting 3 to 1 on my money, but now I’ve got about approximately in rough math, I’ve got a 5 to 1 chance of hitting my flush, I’m not quite getting proper odds anymore so it’s not necessarily an easy quick call. So understanding your pot odds, understanding your outs and your percentages that you have of getting, hitting your outs, is very important on being able to play poker like a pro. My name is Dean Hale, good luck at the table.