– From Choctaw Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, this is “Poker Night in America”! (upbeat music) – Welcome to “Poker Night in America! Our two smiling faces are Joe Stapleton and I’m Chris Hanson and we’re at Choctaw Resort in Oklahoma.

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Coming up on today’s show we’ve got Cate Hall, a local lady, a restaurant tour, a multi-millionaire and more hillbillies than you shake at Yosemite Sam Mud flap at. – [Chris] As we kick off day three here in Choctaw, we welcome Gavin Smith back to the table and Cate Hall as well. Roger Sippl has stuck around. Todd Brunson, Dany George, all buying in as well. – [Joe] Jason Ettredge, ♪ Come to my payout window Okay, that was a stretch, sorry about that guys.

– [Chris] Ah, talking to Jason before we got started today, Stapes, he seems like your kind of guy. I have a feeling that you – So do I tip you after I win this game too? – And the one seat are gonna have a great day today. – [Joe] I have a feeling that I’m gonna end up being really angry with you for making that comment ‘cus he looks like a slack jawed yokel. – Kate plus eight, right? Isn’t that a TV show?

– No, he’s a very slack jawed yokel (laughing) – I think so. – There’s not, it should be. – Drinking beer out of a glass, – [Chris] It’s like we’re in Oklahoma or something – talking about “Kate Plus Eight” and you’re a homo inspector.

– Almost (crowd laughing) I like your style sir, I like it. – [Joe] Sounds like fog horn, leg horn, now pay attention sir, pay attention. – All right Pick me dealer – So three players to the flop. Escamilla has pocket nines and just flop just set of nines. – [Joe] It’s a dicey board for middle-set. – [Chris] Now Escamilla got in this game through a hundred and fifty dollar satellite.

– Easy. – [ Chris] That eventually turned into $10,000. – [Joe] Well that’s fun. Let’s hope it stays $10,000. I like it when the amateurs win. – [Chris] Me too.

– [Joe] Gives hope to the rest of us. – [Chris] Secretly I do. – [Joe] Not a secret anymore. – [Chris] $575, the bet from Cate Hall. – I was shaving.

And then, thing slipped and my hand was right there. The blade hit it right there. I had my hand like this and I’m shaving and it slipped and it just (swishing) (laughing) I know. – How many times a day do you have to shave?

– How many what? – How many times a day do you have to shave? – [Joe] Dicey board for a middle-set just got more dicier. And the strength of her gut shot improved. – 14-50.

– [Joe] She’s gonna keep leaning on Nelda. – [Chris ]I think two-thirds of the people in the arena watching “Poker Night in America” are here to cheer for Nelda Escamilla. – [Joe] I thought they were just early for a Nickelback concert. Nelda calls, I like it. I think she’s got a call again there and wait for hopefully a good river.

That’s a good river. – [Chris] Yeah, three of spades doesn’t really do much of anything to the hands that might of been out there developing. Hall checks. The correct thing to do here is check behind, scoop the pot, and move on, correct? – Yeah. – [Joe] I don’t know, I think some really good players are gonna value bet this.

– [Chris] Well that’s why I’m not a really good player. – [Joe] (laughing) The thing is it all depends on who’s doing it. I’m fine with a check behind obviously, but I think some players are so good, they’re gonna know exactly where they’re at, they’re gonna be able to value bbet that river.

– Nice hand, nice hand! – Some chick-on-chick violence there. – They said you’re a billionaire. – No, I know billionaires. – Well, I’m not knocking you in any way, I’m just saying.

– [Speaker] And the two o’ clock turbo. – I mean that’s awesome. – I know billionaires. – Well, (bleep).

– I know you, you’re a billionaire. – They say you beat – I beat the Hodgkin’s disease. I had stage three Hodgkin’s disease. – Oh really, so you’re kind of a billionaire anyways then. – (laughing) Yeah, it’s all a free-roll. (men laughing) – Whole adult life’s been one big free roll.

– Just me and the winner. – Yes, sir. – King high flop. – As you wish. – Check.

– (beep) Damn it, Gavin. – [Joe] This could get real expensive for Jason. – Six hundred. – [Chris] Went 300 from George, now 600 from Ettredge.

– Raise to 1800. – 5,000 – Raised to 5,000 – Players all in. – You wanna run it twice. – No, you can’t do that.

– You cannot do that. – It’s against the rules. I don’t like breaking rules. – Nice hand. – You got kings?

– No. – Aces. – No.

– 3600. – Well, what the hell you got? – You’re good. – You’re drawing dead? – What’s that? – Okay.

– (beep) Luck box. (beep) luck box. – [Chris] Dany tells him he’s good and then flops over, set over set.

– What the (beep) you do there, Gavin? – Lose. (laughing) – Deuce. Deuce. (indistinct chatter) Deuce. It’s almost a deuce.

Deuce. – Close. – Chop it up. – Good hand. – Chop it up, yeah, chop it up. – (beep) (beep) (beep) – [Joe] Woo!

– [Chris] Wow! – [Joe] You kiss your mother with that mouth? – [Chris] I told you you were gonna like Jason Ettredge. (laughing) – (beep) What the (beep) you do there? – You lose, that’s what you do. Then you say (beep) this and (beep) that for a few hands.

(upbeat music) – I think the best part of that is that I’m happy to hear he’s maybe had a little to drink. – Yeah I just thought he was always like that. – [Speaker] For more from poker night visit Pokernight.com or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. Where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams. – Back at Choctaw in Oklahoma, I’m Chris Hanson along with Joe Stapleton on “Poker Night in America.” – We’ve got a table full of pro’s and a sprinkling of locals.

Let’s see how they do. – You were naming only the hands that he, that you could beat. So you said, do you have aces? Do you have kings? Like, (laughing) Forgive him for thinking that – (Beep) Brunson Them suck. I really wanna play a hand.

I really wanna get a set and get beat, you know. I really want bottom set. It’s really what I want. – Your on tilts, not very good.

– I got you out tilted. Let’s drink a beer, (beep) it. – I don’t drink beer. – Let’s drink vodka and whatever. – Well I got one going right now and I got another one on the way. – Yeah, you know grapefruit juice interferes with Lipitor, you know that?

– With what? – With Lipitor. You’re on Lipitor, right? – Grapefruit juice, juicy fruit. – Statin.

You know, blocks cholesterol. They put it in the water in mai thai. – I don’t even know what the hell it is.

– I won yesterday. Look at this (beep). I could put the other ones in. (men laughing) – Gavin’s only had Viagra and Lamisil. – You can play the whole eight hours?

– I don’t know. Doesn’t look like it right now. I’m gonna need a little change of something. – Let’s team up. Me and you versus the rest of the table. Versus, especially seat seven over there.

– I’ll be honored. – [Chris] Escamilla raises to 1200. – [Joe] I kind of like her style. – My grapefruit juice?

– [Chris] Quite and unassuming, silent. – You probably have high cholesterol. – [Joe] I meant the style of playing. – If you have high cholesterol, you should be on lipitor. – [Joe] She’s doing everything by the book so far, it seems like.

– And then your grapefruit juice would interfere with your Lipitor. – Grapefruit, juicy fruit. – Just don’t go to the doctor, and you’re okay. – Perfect.

– [Joe] It’s so rare that when you have jacks and you hit a flop, you like with it, so why not? – Fifteen. – (Beep) two. Pocket sevens. – [Joe] Todd’s picked up a flush draw there, this could get real dirty for her.

– I just wish that Dany would carry himself at a little higher level than that. – I know, I mean, you’re supposed to be the ambassador of poker. You carry yourself like Phil Hellmuth. – I just said you were good. – Why are you supposed to be an ambassador of poker?

What is there about you that I don’t know? – [Joe] Good question, Roger Sippl! – What’s your name again? – Dany. – What’s your last name? – He could be a billionaire, you wouldn’t know.

– I said you are, I don’t know if you are or not. – No, you don’t. But, he could be. How do you know? We don’t know. – Are you really a billionaire?

Is this a joke? – I’m not a billionaire. – He’s got his own plane. that you didn’t make that much money back then for doing that, now you make a billion, right? All these kids, they got a billion. – Well, I’m gonna knock him either way.

I mean, I just heard you were a billionaire last night on my stream. – Oh I’m a stream. That’s nice. – Are you worth a million?

– Yes, I am a millionaire. I will confess to that. – I’m worth about this. (crowd laughing) – Maybe that times two.

But I’m having fun though over here, no, right? – That’s the whole idea. – Nice to meet you. – And now you’re trying to be nice to him after you did that slow roll. – Yeah (laughing) exactly.

– No, it doesn’t work like that, Dany. – Exactly. – You chose to draw your line in the sand.

– Yeah. – I rather be feared than loved anyway. – Gavin’s missing really early in the night. – [Joe] Nice call, Nelda. – [Chris] Woo! Take that, son of Doyle.

– Oh dear. – Are you kidding me? (clapping) – Look, I think that was an attempted bluff. – Look, I think that – Very good hand. was an attempted bluff. – Very good hand.

– Oh my goodness. – (Beep) – Stood her ground. – I got set over (beep) (laughing) – Worried yoiu had a bigger pair than mine. (laughing) I really was, Todd. – Dare somebody raise that.

Tournament player. At least Brunson ain’t on the button. Uh oh.

Smith. Gavin Smith’s is in there. You wanna chop it?

We just chopped it. We just run it down. – Chop it five ways? – (Beep) Check’s good.

– [Joe] Five ways to the flop. Five person party. – [Chris] It’s a set of fives for Gavin Smith, both Ettredge and Georges have a flush draw, Sippl and Georges both have top pair. It’s Gavin Smith who bets 400. Called in two spots.

– The billionaires are the money. – All in. – Players all in. – I’ll call. – [Joe] Roger calls a top pair, drawing absolutely dead. – Good luck all in.

– Thank you. – What a bad lay down. – Well that’s a good hand, Gavin.

– [Joe] Great bet by Gavin. Gets a hand with equity to fold at a hand with zero equity to call. Beautiful. – We had the same hand.

– [Joe] And Dany would’ve missed anyway. – Three fives. – How’s your set hold up? – ‘Cus I didn’t get anything against the bigger one.

– Oh. True story. – [Joe] Gavin’s so cantankerous, I somewhat doubt he was born in Canada. (indistinct chatter) – I would’ve slow-rolled his (beep) too. – Keep making lay-downs like that. – You’re never gonna be a billionaire.

(laughing) – [Chris] Georges raises to 150. – (laughing) You’ll be there eventually. It takes too long that way. You gotta call to make it there faster. – [Joe] Ettredge’s got the perfect hand to get set over setted again. – If you hit your ace, you should stand your ground.

Top pair, don’t care. – Gavin, where’s your hat? Where is your cowboy? – [Chris] Oh my, Cate Hall with aces.

She makes it 650. – You guys match, watch. Put yours on, you guys match. See. Now you guys looks like Well, a brother and a sister. – A brother and a sister, now.

– A brother and a little sister. – Okay Gavin, repeat after me, top-pair, don’t care. – All in.

– Top pair, don’t care. – All in. – Top pair, don’t care.

– [Chris] Ettredge gets it all in. Gets a call obviously from Cate Hall. – They called.

– We turn them up? – You have to, I guess. – Red, pretty red aces.

– How about a deuce? – Deuces. – There’s an ace and a deuce on the board, this table is getting tipped. – That looks like it stuck out waiting to happen. I’m afraid to tell you. – [Joe] Looks like deuce’s do sometimes loses.

– Nice hand. – Wee! – So sometimes you got good hands when you raise too? – One out of ten times, I try to. – On the button, (beep) (upbeat music) – You know, it is what it is, man. Goin’ and we play tomorrow.

We keep going. – No nickname will stick with someone if they don’t want it. Well they had a nickname for me, I forget what it was. Speedball or something like that. Finally I came up with the idea of Poker Brat. We thought it was very happy.

– [Chris] Welcome back to “Poker Night in America.” – Mr. Cantu. – [Chris] Brandon Cantu is gonna take the one seat. – Nothing really all that great yet.

– Could you send back the other guy? – [Joe] Brandon I would not drink out of that cup to your left. – What do you mean this guy’s minus 25% EV, right? – That’s what Alec says. Well it was in that game. – That was in the other game.

– It might be more in this one. – Yeah. – Somebody needs to text Alec and see where I would stand in this before I play. I don’t wanna make any bad decisions. – Or text him and see if he wants to take you to the game. – That’s true.

– Or book you, I mean. – Yeah, maybe I should call for a cross-book. Or to your book I guess you’re right. – Yeah, all that jargon confuses me, you guys are gonna have to explain that to me in a minute.

I’ve got a huge hand right now, so just hang onto that. – [Chris] We’re around to Roger Sippl, and he calls. – [Joe] Any relation to Doyle Brunson? – [Chris] I don’t think so.

– Just a coincidence. – Yeah. – [Joe] Aw man, this is dirty. Cold deck city. Two flop flushes.

Nice fold, Dany. – I took three companies public but I did it so long ago, – [Chris] Sippl calls. – [Joe] Todd just drawing dead with the second nut flush. – And her daughter keeps telling us that she’s kicking all of our (beep) and (beep) (beep) happens and all sorts of stuff like that. (laughing) – Oh she’s like really rubbing it into you guys?

– Oh yeah. – Her daughter’s – She’s stabbing him and doing this – From the rail. – Which one’s the daughter? – [Joe] Oh, hi.

– [Chris] 650 from Brunson – It’s not really very fair. – Do you have any family here to root you on? – No! – No?

Me either. – Oh yeah, there’s my family! – Yeah, see. – T J. – [Joe] T J Cludey?

– [Chris] T J Cludey is in the house, playing the main event here at Choctaw this week. – He’s a good one too. – All in.

– Uh oh. – [Chris] Uh oh is right. – That sucks.

– [Joe] I haven’t seen a deck that cold since “Poker Night in America” Anchorage. – You got a queen nine of spades. – Yeah. – Wow, I had 8-6 of spades too. – I feel like Todd would slow down a lot of wars.

I don’t think he’s that quick. – I’d love being at war. It’s one of my favorite things actually. – I think you guys could’ve done a $1000 war hand right there. It’s quick.

It’s just like one card unless there’s a tie. At least that’s the war I remember. – War, are we at war?

– Just a mini war. – Okay, a scrimmage. – A scrimmage. A border scrimmage. – This is no mini war here.

– [Joe] This is no war. This is a massacre. – [Chris] We’ve got three countries involved in this war.

– [Joe] Cate has 73% favorite before the flop, 92% after the flop. – I’ve got the button so really think before you bet. – He’d already finished betting before you could say think before you bet. – Yeah, it’s too late then. – [Joe] Cantu does catch a pair so he is not dead just yet. – [Chris] All right, both players check.

Here comes a river. – [Joe] Cate Hall shall not be checking the river. I don’t really see a reason for Brandon to hero with third pair, fourth pair, excuse me. – I don’t know. I’m lost.

– [Joe] You are lost and you have lost. – That would’ve been perfect opening level at war. – I was sure I was good until you said you were good until that card. (upbeat music) – [Chris] All right, we’re gonna wrap it up there for the night and look at the four seat Nelda Escamilla.

Look at this! She is up $11,000, off of basically a free roll. After the break, we’re going to go deeper with Phil Hellmuth than anyone has ever before. – The horror. Face-up with Phil Hellmuth after this.

– No nickname will stick with someone if they don’t want it because it’s easy to, if someone starts calling you something you dont’ want. Then you start calling something they don’t want and you say “Hey, if you wanna do this I’m gonna do this to you.” So they had a nickname for me, I forget what it was, Speedball or something like that.

But I didn’t like it, didn’t stick long. So finally I came up with the idea, Poker Brat, and I told Andy Glazer that’s what I’m going to be called from now on, Poker Brat. And we thought it was very apt. – [Chris] Closed-captioning is brought to you as a public service by “Poker Night in America.” – Welcome back to “Poker Night in America,” and you know Stapes, one of the best parts about our job, is that we get to meet some of the biggest names in poker. – And also Phil Hellmuth.

(laughing) – Well, gird your loins, Stapes, because we’re going in deep. We are face up with Phil Hellmuth. (upbeat music) – One night in like 1987, I remember I was drinking but it was like three in the afternoon. I’m watching guys play pool for $20 a game.

I’m thinking, what the hell are you doing with your life? Is this what you want? And I’ll never forget, I went to the door and I opened it up, and this light just smashed me. You’re in a dark, dingy bar and there was snow on the ground, it was melting, and the sun’s hitting the snow, and just lights bouncing everywhere, and I thought, wow, this is symbolic of what I’m thinking. This bright path is the path I’m going to choose.

I remember I immediately left, went back to my house. I wrote down the pyramid of success. First you have to conquer not being a compulsive gambler. Then, you have to conquer not being an alcoholic or being a drug-addict. Then the next level up, maybe exercise, eating well. And the next level up, maybe meditation.

I also wrote that very same day another pyramid, and which I believe is true to this day, the poker pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid exists around the world. The top is right here.

So, and that’s people playing poker at the smallest stakes, and the winners bring it to the next stake, and then the next stake, and the next stake, and so some people are able to climb all the way to the top of the pyramid. When you’re at the top of the pyramid, you’re making all the money. It’s very rare to see someone caught in the middle, that’s just making $150,000 a year that never tries to jump up. They all try to jump up to get to the top. And so they all bring their winnings with them, and most of them lose it on the way up. But to make all the money, I had to hit the top of the pyramid.

And I had to conquer all these other elements and this other pyramid, and I saw it very clearly, this is my life path. (upbeat music) – Well, that was more than you ever wanted to know about Phil Hellmuth but that’s not all, part two continues next episode. Does he cry? C’mon. – I don’t think so. This ain’t Oprah.